4 Ways to Burn Calories Easily
Blog - 4 Ways to Burn Calories Easily


In the warmest time of year when everyone wants to wear the swimsuit and go to the beach, but often the silhouette is not the most desired. Whether for aesthetic or better still by health, get rid of the extra kilos, never be in vain. The key to losing weight is to consume fewer calories that are ingested through food or lead a more active life that allows burn calories.



A fun way to burn energy is dancing: a good dance session not only allow you to spend calories but also release endorphins, which will provide sense of wellbeing. So you know, to get rid of those extra kilos, feel better and tone muscles, do not hesitate to sign up to a good dance. This last time, zumba is a modality that wins growing reputation in the world.



Food is key: in addition to that is healthy and nutritious, be sure to consume plenty of fiber, present mainly in fruits (such as apples and bananas), in whole grains and foods of plant origin in general. In this regard, Zuckerbrot compares the effect of fiber intake with jogging for an hour.



Considered by the specialist as the best "quemacalorías" is an aerobic activity with multiple benefits on the body and health. A study by the Harvard Medical School indicated that half hour of relaxed swimming can burn about 180 calories. As time is increased, the greater the benefit in this regard.



It may be funny, but common gestures you have, like tapping his foot against the floor while sitting or walking while talking on the phone, are customs that, together, can burn about 300 calories a day.

In addition, daily household activities like sweeping, cleaning the kitchen or shopping, can mean 85 to 120 calories a day.