Beauty Mini Handy Nano meter Facial Mist Spray Skin Care USB Charging (Free Mineral Water Plus Vitamin E 20ml)
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Beauty Mini Handy Nano meter Facial Mist Spray Skin Care USB Charging (Free Mineral Water Plus Vitamin E 20ml)
Price RM120.00 RM238.90
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Beauty Mini Handy Nanometer Facial Mist Spray Skin Care USB Charging (Free Mineral Water Plus Vitamin E 20ml)

A multi-functional integrated high-tech nanometer facial mist spray. It can ionize the water molecule and realize atomization quickly, so as to generate gentle nanometer ion nourishing and moistening steam and lots of negative oxyanion for complement water quickly, promote blood circulation, urge regeneration of collagen, activate the hydrophilic factors for keeping the skin moisture, eliminate the wrinkles & make the skin fresher, smoother and brighter.


  • Mini size, fashionable design, very easy to carry. Convenient to use it anytime, anywhere; 
  • It can transform water or skin care lotion into nano mist, so as to enhance nutrition penetration to the skin base.
  • Upgraded version. Taiwan Quality. It is adopted with the high-tech chip technology and special concussion, so as to make the water skin care product be nanometer, decompose to the ion in 0.25-0.5 micrometer and fast penetrate into the basal cell layer of the skin.
  • Product Size: Length 112.5mm, Width 35.5mm, Height 25.5mm
  • Water Tank Size: Length 37mm, Width 30.5mm, Height 10mm
  • Water TAnk Volume: 7ml
  • Power: 1.2W
  • Battery: 550mA/H Li-poly battery
  • Spray Volume: 1ml/Min
  • Standby Time Current: 0mA (when close the sliding cap switch)
  • Working Current: 280-350mA
  • Spraying Time: 30 seconds each time after switching on
  • Working Time: After fully charged, it can use 120 times, 30 seconds each time.
  • Make face all day in water.
  • Blue light stabilizer.
  • Slide cover design.
  • Color Available: White, Red and Champagne
  • With English manual 

How to use:

1. Open the radiator cover behind.

2. Pull open the radiator cap then fill up the radiator tank with clean water or liquid perfume (Water soluble, Never use too sticky cosmetics) using the pipette provided. Water/Essence ratio 7:3

3. Assemble the back cover then fully charge the device.

4. Handle the apparatus and press the power button, keep it about 15-20cm away from face, the spray covers an area about 4-5cm, and then spray.

5. Move the spray apparatus at stable speed to make the skin absorb the skin care product evenly. At the beginning, the spray is not enough but will be stable after a while

6. 30 seconds for a full circulation of the face. 

7. After completing skin care, slide up to off. 

When to use:

1. Skin feels dry

To relieve the dehydration immediately. The mositure concentrate keeps your skin soft and supple without causing deyness afterwards.

2. Skin feels tight and stressed

To relieve irritation and sunburn more quickly. To cool down skin after bathing or sauna, or relieve stress.

3. One-step Wrinkle & Brightening Care

Use day and night to rehydrate skin. The device  immediately absorbs without making streaks. Cosmeceutical ingredients provide one-step dual treatments for skin.

4. The air feels dry

It's a must item for travel!





BUY NOW FREE - Cute Press Mineral Water Plus Vitamin E 20ml

Details:  This refreshing mineral water spray is enriched with vitamin E and Cucumber Extract. It is ideal for refreshing and moisturizing your skin.

Usage - Spray the mist over your entire face either before or after applying make up.  Hold the spray bottle about 1 foot away form your face and spray all over your. It can also be used during the day to freshen up.
Ingredient - Vitamin E : Nourishes and moisturizes your skin - Cucumber Extract : Maintain skin's moisture balance


About Cute Press Brand

Cute Press is Beauty product of Thailand sinced 1976 with 500 over high quality products in store now. In addition, Cute Press has established research science , beauty and health IBHS (Institute Of Beauty And Health Science) for innovation and recognized international quality ISO15 and production quality GMP19 (Good Manufacturing Practice) 7 consecutive years of the Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Public Health Thailand.


Care and concern:

Q: How to know the charging status?

A: There is red light when charging, and the light will turn off when fully charged.

Q: After makeup can use or not?

A: Yes, The mist from the device will not mess up your makeup. Before makeup, spray within 5cm distance; After makeup, spray at 15cm distance.


Q: This device can use with what water?

A: It is preferable to use pure water. Most of the moisturizer water is rich with mineral, we suggest to dilute it with pure water before use. (Ratio 1:5)


Q: What should I do if the device is blocked?

A: If the device is blocked, please use cotton bud with alcohol to clean the nozzle. Then try to refill with pure water to operate it.


Q: Why the device with stop automatically?

A: This device will stop automatically after 1min to prevent wastage, just slide off & on and it will operate again.


Q: Why there is no charger?

A: This device do not need any special charger. Any USB charger can be used, it is very convenience.



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