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Some Easy Ideas For Makeup Organization

Do you feel frustated when you can't find your favourite lipstick or mascara when you rushing for a date? It's time to have all your accessories organized on your dressing table. These DIY makeup organizer and storage tips will help you avoid being fashionably late for your date every time.


1. DIY Makeup Brush Display Storage

DIY Makeup Brush Display Storage

Every ladies have their own collection of makeup brushes rolling around in our dressing table drawers, why don't we clean them up and put them to display as a trendy way on our dressing table? All you need is a glass jar or bowl, find some shiny decorative stones from Daiso and your makeup brushes are cool to display.

If you do not want to trouble yourself, you may get one here too.


2. Magnetic Makeup Organizer Board

Picture and idea from

With these board hanging on the wall, you can have your cosmetics collection within easy reach and looks incredibly elegant and organized. You can stick a magnet behind each cosmetics and voila, you are ready to show off. You can easily get the magnet that you need from Daiso store or any bookstore nearby.

Refer project details here.


3. Counter Top Makeup Organizer

Counter Top Makeup Organizer

If you a makeup beauty, small box or dresser drawers is never going to be enough, why not get your own celebrity alike makeup vanity cabinet?

All the components (eg mirror, drawers) are ready in a box.


4. Makeup Organizer Hanging Jars

Makeup Organizer Hanging Jars

Here is another ideas you can make use of those empty peanut butter or strawberry jam jars. Is can create a simple, yet look incredibly cute.

Some project you can follow from here and here


5. Dust Free Makup Brush Storage Organizer

Acrylic crystal clear brush storage organizer box

Keep your makeup brushes free from dust by storing them inside this Clear Acrylic Makeup Brushes Holder with high quality Bead Pearls.

It also serve as a beautiful decorative piece for your counter top. Suitable for any makeup brush, brow and liner brush, tapered powder brush, concealer brush, blended blush brush, blending shadow brush even though mascara, eye pencil, and so on.