Goo Gone Coffee Maker Machine Cleaner (8 oz)
Goo Gone Coffee Maker Machine Cleaner (8 oz)
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Goo Gone Coffee Maker Machine Cleaner (8 oz)
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Goo Gone Coffee Maker Cleaner

Goo Gone® Coffee Maker Cleaner removes yucky mineral, lime deposits and bitter coffee oils that build up over time in your coffee maker.

Goo Gone Coffee Maker Cleaner's odorless, biodegradable formula removes lime scale faster than diluted vinegar. It's safe for all coffee makers.

No hassle, No mess.


  • Removes hard water deposits, scale and buildup

  • Frees clogs to help your coffee maker run more efficiently

  • Works with single serve and automatic drip coffee makers

  • Superior strength and performance vs. plain diluted vinegar

  • Restores coffee taste and preserves appliances


Used monthly, Goo Gone® Coffee Maker Cleaner helps your coffee maker brew like new, which means more great tasting coffee for you. Who can argue with that?



For sensitive skin, wear household rubber gloves.

Remove any excess water from the water tank.

Use 25ml of cleaning solution for every 2 cup (400ml) of cold water to fill the water tank, adding water first.

Turn the knob clockwise for 2 blinks then anti-clockwise for 2 blinks.

Repeat until all the water is finished.

Then rinse the water tank and replace with clean water and repeat the above process until the water finish.


First Aid:

May cause eyes and skin irritation if contacted.

If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Drink 2-3 glassed of water and contact doctor immediately.

In case of eye or skin contact, immediately flush with water for 15 minutes. Get medical attention if irritation persists.














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